Production Revisions Coordination and Training

What are Production Revisions?

Production revisions are pages of a script issued during a production shoot. The changes are marked with asterisks and the headers of each page are labeled with the color set of the revision and the date they were issued. To see a sample of an actual production revision page in Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format, click here:
Sample production revision page

How does one handle production revisions?

The basic principle is that the fewest pages should be issued at any given time. Therefore, in order to prevent from distributing an entire script every time changes are made, scenes and pages are given numbering sequences so that the pages issued either replace or are inserted in between existing pages.

What software should I use?

Movie Magic Screenwriter is by far the best product for the job. It handles most of the work for you, tracking each individual revision and each color on each page, up to an entire 5th set of revision colors [that's up to 45 sets of revisions] and maybe more! To learn more, go to

Final Draft is the next best thing. However, although it's fine for regular screenwriting, at last check (version 6) its production revisions features pale in comparison to Movie Magic Screenwriter. To learn more, go to

How can Cordega Solutions help?

We offer several services:

  • On-set production revisions coordination.
  • Training for production crew on how to handle production revisions.
  • Technical support beyond what the software companies supply.