FileMaker Development General Information

What is a Database, and why would you need one?

A database is a software program that allows you to enter, track, and find information quickly. Databases are also capabable of organizing the information in a variety of ways that allows you print specialized reports so that you can review the data in ways that are the most useful to your business. Databases can range from very simple, low-end systems to high-end systems consisting of multi-tiered, interwoven, security laden, web-enabled designs.

FileMaker Pro Database Solutions

Cordega Solutions specializes in databases using FileMaker Pro. If you want to share the database, then you will need at least one copy of FileMaker Pro installed on your network. If you are not intending to share the database(s), the database solution can be a stand-alone application that does not require installation of FileMaker Pro.

In addition to creating custom built solutions for you, Cordega Solutions will be offering its own database solutions for the public/private sectors. If there is a specific type of product you are interested in, contact us and we'll let you know if it is something in the works or needs to be custom built. Pricing varies by product and project.

Currently, we only build new databases in the new FileMaker format, versions 12+, but we support version 11 and possibly older versions. Depending on the nature and complexity of the system and budget, we might recommend upgrading/converting your system to the latest version.

Requirements Template

Whether you are considering hiring Cordega Solutions or another company, it is highly recommended that you download and fill out our design requirements template below. This document will not only help the developer you hire to provide a more accurate estimate of time and capability, but also help you build a better understanding of the project's needs and your business process. Feel free to call / e-mail if you have any questions about the template.

Download: Design Requirements Template (40k / MS Word)