3D Pre-visualization Storyboarding

What is 3-D Storyboarding?

Cordega Solutions uses FrameForge 3D Studio, a new production utility by Innoventive Software. It allows one to create an entire set in 3-D virtual reality, populate it with characters, take "snapshots" of your set-ups, and then create a scaled, detailed storyboard. You can print out the result onto pages, or create rough animatic stop-motion sequences to "pre-visualize" what the shot will actually look like. It's a great compliment to standard storyboarding techniques, and it increases the overall efficiency of production design, set-up, and shooting.

What can we do to help?

We provide several services: presentations, training, storyboarding. With our guaranteed expertise, you can't go wrong. After all, I did write the manual. Literally. Innoventive Software hired us to write the FrameForge user manual. For more details about their program, visit the Frame Forge 3D website.


We will provide a detailed overview of the program and demonstrate its capabilities at your location. Generally, presentations are 30 minutes to two hours, depending on depth of the overview and if a question and answer session is desired.


We will send someone to your location to provide detailed training in the program. Basic training takes one to two hours. Advanced training requires longer or multiple sessions.


Don't have time to learn and to do it yourself or just want expert level help? Hire us, and we'll do it for you. Time and cost is dependant on the length of the project, the number of locations/sequences, and the complexity of the locations/sequences.

Previz Examples

Below are some previsualization examples.

The Dane - Opening Sequence

FF3D 3.0

This is the most sophisticated example to date. It's a previsualization of what the first two minutes of a film adaptation of hamlet might look like on the screen. It's more extreme/detailed than would normally be necessary, but it was put together as a method for pitching the project in order to get financing. This took several weeks to put together, not including recording studio and editing time. This is a low resolution version.

The Drunk

FF3D 2.0

This a basic demo of what can be done in a few hours with some basic storyboard sketches to go off of.

Rooftop Sequence

FF3D 2.0

This was put together for an ABC televeision pilot called "Enemies" that was shot in Chicago, directed by F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job). In this previz, I was asked to recreate the entire Chicago skyline using a panoramic shot that I took from the actual roof used and then dropped into the program. This sample also shows how you can create multiple angles of the same event. This took a couple of days to put together.

Billiard Room Sequence

FF3D 2.0

Another previz for "Enemies", this was a sequence that took place in a billiard room. Note that with the first few frames of the opening pool cue shot, the depth of field is rendered, so focus changes from the cue, to the ball, to the woman, while everything else in those shots is intentionally somewhat out of focus. The rest of the sequence is rendered without depth of field being taken into account.